sitting to the north mistwater rests on a scenic view overlooking mist lake. a representative republic, it is currently led by ward clawthorne. a bit of a jack of all trades as far as cities go, mist water is well versed in trade, politics and military might, but is not the best at any of these.

a thriving aristocracy and hub of trade, silvertide is a bustling economic powerhouse. the rotten politics of this city are driven entirely by money.

referred to as a city only due to its size, there is very little semblance of unity and power is law. currently the biggest power house is led by the lady oliveire mustang.

a monarchy in the truest sense of the word, currently king stark is losing the faith of his subjects but still retains power. the game of thrones is in full swing in white hold and families are constantly and viciously vying for power.

a meritocracy of sorts, windfall is a refuge for any with nowhere else to go. a thriving hub of innovation and artistic talent but simultaneously a hive of scum and villainy. currently the elf drayle windforged is respected as the leader of the city.


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